Good Bones. It refers to furniture you want to paint, furniture that has “good bones.” It also refers to our high calcium carbonate content—It’s what gives us a superior “chalk like” finish.

But that’s not all we are. We say we're not your mom's chalk paint for good reason! Good Bones Paint is a unique blend of brawn and beauty. It can be buffed to a satin sheen, if you’re not thrilled about a chalk finish. It blends well and has excellent coverage (seriously, one can will go far.) 

    • Self-sealing. Our Traditional Chalks Line may require sealing to avoid burnishing, but does protect against water damage. Our All-in-One line is a one-step paint that does not require sealing. 
    • Self-priming. Although we're not a stain-blocking primer, you don't need to prime! Our paint sticks to just about anything without a primer. (If you’re painting raw wood, you don’t need an extra product—you just need to do a light wash of watered-down Good Bones Paint for your first layer.)
    • Requires no sanding to STICK to most surfaces, even glossy, glass, or plastic.

Good Bones is a transformation in one can. Our FAQ covers the details if you don’t believe us. We say we’re not your mom’s chalk paint because Good Bones is so much more than your average paint, and we want everyone to have a chance to color their world.

Our chalk-like furniture paint is perfect for beginners: it’s simple to use for alchemical results. It’s also a killer tool for professionals, because it is highly adaptable and durable. Throw a tough project at it and see for yourself.

There are a lot of great paints out there, no denying. Paints for every niche, but we are special. We used all these other products in our professional furniture painting workshop based in Charlottesville, VA, and couldn’t find one paint line that was as adaptable or durable as we needed. So…we worked with chemists and artists to make the paint we use to create a variety of finishes. We made Good Bones, use it daily, and want to share it with you.