Our Story

Charlie and family
Charlie Davis has been the president of a robust painting contracting business for over 10 years. His primary company, Piedmont Paint & Finish, specializes in high-end estates and commercial properties. He has worked on projects ranging from the Rotunda at the University of Virginia to the homes of internationally acclaimed musicians and athletes. This process led him to open Pigment, a creative paint workshop division that specializes in furniture, cabinets, and artistic faux finishes. Through his on-going relationships with big-brand paint manufacturers and distributers, as well as furniture painting aficionados, he has had the opportunity to utilize a variety of finishing products. His input into the performance of Good Bones paint has been integral to its development as a high-quality, environmentally-sound finishing product. He lives and works in Charlottesville, Virginia with his family and dog, Patch. 
Pigment, our creative furniture painting division, needed a paint that performed better, was more durable, and more adaptable than what we could find on the market. So we created Good Bones Paint. Our furniture paint was designed with beauty & brawn in mind: it can be buffed to a satin finish, requires no sanding or priming to stick, and self-seals against water stains and most regular abuse. 

"At Good Bones, we aim to enhance daily life through the power of colorful transformation." 

Good Bones Paint is designed to provide as many dynamic finishes as you can imagine! It's versatile enough for beginner DIYers and professionals alike. Charlie teamed up with chemists and artists to help create this high quality furniture finish and we hope you love it as much as we do.