Good Bones Paint FAQ

How do I paint on raw wood?

Good Bones can absolutely cover raw wood, but you should do a light wash of color first. Mix a little paint with water and give the wood a light coat. This will bond to the raw wood, allowing you to do a full coat after. No need to buy an extra primer. 

Will Good Bones Paint block stains without priming?

VERY rarely old stains can bleed through. If this happens, a stain-blocking primer is then recommended. Otherwise, no you do not need to prime. 
Do I need to sand my furniture first? 
Good Bones Paint was made to stick! You can skip sanding on high gloss surfaces by allowing a longer drying & curing time. If you want to skip the wait, just give a light scuff sanding with a fine grit on the glossy surface first. For the smoothest finishes possible, you can sand lightly with a fine grit between coats. Again, not required. 

What if my paint seems thick?
Good Bones Paint delivers great color and great coverage. However, some settling and "thickening" may naturally occur. Do Not Fret!!! Add a little water at a time and stir well to gain the consistency you desire. The paints integrity will remain intact.