STUCCO DUST (all natural paint additive) Tips and Flip!

 Our all natural "stucco dust" can be used as a paint additive to create many different styles and techniques. It is great for creating raised stencils or creating a worn beachy look. After sanding down with Good Bones paint, it becomes very soft and level while also creating the tattered look you are looking for. 

I picked up this vintage spice rack for free! I was torn on what to do with it and decided on using the stucco dust to make this old rack look even older! 

The colors that I chose are Mr. Bean and Safe. I wanted the shelf to be white with a darker color coming through in the distressing. A disposable cup is used to pour paint into and mix the stucco dust. I like to start with a little bit and add more to get the consistency that I want. This Zibra round brush will work perfect for blotting the thickened paint.

When it looks like a workable mud texture you're all set! 

I blotted the paint on instead of brush. I wanted it to be pretty chunky as I am going for a very worn and beachy look. 

Looking good already! I covered the whole thing then let it COMPLETELY dry. I wanted to make sure the gray wouldn't blend with the white. 

Then repeat with the white! Using the same blotting technique, I covered the whole thing with the color "safe". 


After the white paint dried completely I sanded the whole piece with a medium grit sand paper. This gets a little tedious and time consuming but has immediate results so it becomes very satisfying! I love not knowing exactly how a piece will do or how the paint will look when distressing. Good Bones paint never lets me down! 

I then decided to use these cute rubber stamps! I think they added the perfect amount of glam for this now tattered old rack!  The trick here was to not use too much paint. 

And VOILA! I am happy with the way this turned out and excited to use Stucco Dust on other projects! 

STUCCO DUST (all natural paint additive) Tips and Flip!