Non-toxic, one-step, great coverage. Easy to use, chalk-like finish.

Absurdly Great Furniture Paint!

Absurdly Great Furniture Paint!
Absurdly great chalk paint for furniture. One step paint. All in one. Durable and thick paint. Small business, made in Charlottesville.
good bones paint, color Break.

Perfect for both new & experienced DIY-ers.

Good Bones, Great Paint! Made in Virginia with quality materials, it truly delivers. No priming or sealing required, and it even sticks to glossy surfaces. Distresses beautifully. Check out what the llama fans have created in our gallery!

Jane Holton Customer

"I absolutely love this paint. I have been using the 2 main popular chalk paints for 3 years, I am not for change much but I am glad I gave Good Bones a try!"

Mary Donato Customer

“The coverage was exceptional. I didn’t have to sand or prime and two coats was enough.”

Jim Hart Old Drum Designs

I have tried every chalk paint on the market and Good Bones blew them away!”

Aalia Sange House of Aalia

“Highly blendable, smooth, rich pigmentation. This is great stuff!”

Ginny Bachand Customer

“‘Whip’ took my kitchen from a dark room to a bright room that I love to show off! Absolutely love it!”

About Us

Good Bones is a small, but growing company in Charlottesville, VA committed to bringing quality products that are eco-friendly and creatively transformative.

We believe that paint is an enriching experience for everyone and that color makes the world better. To that end, we hand tint and pour every zero VOC quart with love.

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