Absurdly Great Furniture Paint!

One-step paint with no VOC and an ultra-matte finish to color your world.
Absurdly Great Furniture Paint!
Mary Donato Customer

"I tried Good Bones Paint for the first time several months ago. My project was a lime green toy bench that I was going to get rid of, but I decided to give the Good Bones Paint a try.  The coverage on my project was exceptional. I didn’t have to sand or prime and 2 coats was enough. The paint is a thicker consistency than what I normally use so a mister with water worked great with no paint brush lines showing once it dried. The drying time of this paint is very fast as well. This will be my “go to” paint for other projects I’m planning."

Aalia Sange House of Aalia

"Remember that new paint line I happened upon, Good Bones? Well I tried another beautiful color, Coyote, and was again super pleased with it! Highly blendable, smooth, rich pigmentation. This is great stuff <3"

Perfect for both new & experienced DIY-ers.

Truly a one-step furniture paint with great coverage. And, unlike other chalk-like paints, it can be coaxed to a satin finish. Check out our gallery and see what others have created.

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