Kit for 2


A step of from our All-in-One kit, this kit has enough for 2 people! More paint, more brushes, more everything, and then some. Sharing is caring, so get this kit to use with someone important in your life, or get it for yourself and get to flippin'!

It has everything you need to finish a paint project (or two, or three...) with someone, or use it to add more brushes and accessories to your collection. It has a quart of our paint, plus an additional pint for details. It comes with a continuous spray mister, a beeswax distressing bar, and two of our delicious waxes. There are a ton of finishes you can create with this kit, and it also covers your basics, like sandpaper, rags, a can opener, a drop cloth, and more.

Buying this as a gift? We're happy to put a little note in the box for the recipient. We also promise to package it with care and taste depending on the holiday. Email us ( with requests.

We offer 2 day free shipping on gift kits, but due to the pandemic, orders may take a few extra days to arrive. Please be patient and know we're doing all we can to meet the demand.

The Mother's Day kit includes:

  • 1 Quart of Good Bones Paint; you pick the color! We recommend choosing a color from our All-in-One paint line for beginners. 
  • 1 Pint of Good Bones Paint in a different color, or the same!
  • 1 Zibra Palm-Pro 2" brush; these brushes work wonders with Good Bones Paint! They pack more bristles than any other brush on the market, get into tight spaces easily, and also serve as a quality flat brush. 
  • 1 Paint Pixie #10 "Create" brush, this synthetically-bristled round brush holds a ton of paint, leaves beautiful finishes, is durable, and is a go-to favorite in the shop. Versatile, strong, and made in Italy. These two paintbrushes together can tackle any project.
  • 1 "Mister Llama" continuous-spray bottle water mister. This is great for keeping your paint wet while you blend, or if you just like to water your paint down as you go to reduce brush lines. It also buys you time when you're coordinating with a paint partner. 
  • 1 "Space Bar" - beeswax distressing bar. Use when layering paint to create negative space effects and reduce sanding on faux finishes. Smells like heaven. All organic. 
  • Instructions and an FAQ cards to help make the most of your time.
  • 1 reusable plastic drop cloth. (Please reuse these on future projects!) 
  • 6 squares of sandpaper in fine and medium grits, for distressing and other techniques as needed.
  • 4 lint-free rags, for doing a wash, cleaning spills, waxing, and buffing.
  • 2 Teriyaki Sauce waxes from our own recipe. Teriyaki sauce is made from all organic ingredients, smells delicious, and comes in 2 ounce containers: just enough to cover any reasonable sized furniture project and make it smell nice. You receive a neutral wax and an additional tinted wax for details: black, white, gold, or copper.
  • Paint can lid opener - in case you don't have a screwdriver handy.
  • A stir stick for your paint. 
  • A $160 value!