Good bones. Great Paint.™

At Good Bones, we aim to enhance daily life through the power of color and creative transformation. 


Christy Baker is a designer and fine artist by training and profession. She holds a bachelor's of fine art from Pratt Institute, where she focused on painting and sculpture as well as product and fashion design. As a 'Jane of All Trades', Ms. Baker is constantly experimenting and innovating with materials and processes, often blurring the lines between art and everyday living. For over 15 years, she has been painting canvases, murals, and furniture for homes and businesses. Ms. Baker spear-headed the development of Good Bones paint after requests from clients for 'chalk' finishes and a paint that they could use on their own projects. After using many paints that fell into the 'chalk paint' category, she found that they didn't meet her standards of adhesion, durability, and ease of use (not to mention their color limitations). She and her business partner approached a Virginia-based industrial paint manufacturer and began the prototyping phase. After a year of experimentation, involving chemists and painters alike, Good Bones has surpassed expectations! Ms. Baker uses Good Bones on a daily basis and is thrilled to share this innovation with like-minded artists, designers, and makers. Her studio and shop are located in the vibrant city of Charlottesville, Virginia where she lives with her husband and two sons.


Charlie Davis has been the president of a robust painting contracting business for over 10 years. His company, Piedmont Paint & Finish, specializes in high-end estates and commercial properties. He has worked on projects ranging from the Rotunda at the University of Virginia to the homes of internationally acclaimed musicians and athletes. Through his on-going relationships with big-brand paint manufacturers and distributers, he has had the opportunity to utilize a variety of finishing products. His input into the performance of Good Bones paint has been integral to its development as a high-quality, environmentally-sound finishing product. He lives and works in Charlottesville, Virginia with his family.

*And just because you're too polite to ask: Charlie and Christy are not involved romantically... But they are great friends and business partners!